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At Yankee Direct we don't give you any old Free Gift with your purchase...


*Please note: all free gifts will be allocated at checkout.

Free Gifts

At Yankee direct we want to reward our best customers. Choose from a fantastic range of free gifts that you see below and the more you spend the more you get. Simply choose your gift at checkout.

  • Spend 40 to 74.99
  • Choose 1 Gift
  • Spend 75 to 99.99
  • Choose 2 Gifts
  • Spend Over 100
  • Choose 3 Gifts OR FREE Delivery

Choose from the following free gifts

  • Cinnamon Stick Sampler
    RRP: 1.80
  • Extra Long Matches
    RRP: 0.50
  • Christmas Eve Sampler
    RRP: 1.80
  • Christmas Garland Sampler
    RRP: 1.80